Song List

Act One

1A) Overture

1) This Life * – (Company and Silas)

2) Lord Bless And Keep Us All – (Company)

3) Sweet Angels Look Down – (Silas)

4) Journeys End/Alone – (Silas and the Company)

5) In the Low Country – (Jem/Daisy/Company)

6) These Days of Mine – (Dunsey)

7) No way Out* – (Godfrey and Company)

8) No Such Thing as Love* – (Molly, Dunsey, Silas)

9) Gold* – (Silas)

10) Love is Cold* – (Molly)

11) Where Life Shall Lead (Song for Eppie)* – (Silas)

Act Two

12) Raveloe – (Company)

13) Wonderful Life – ( Eppie)

14) Little Girls (are made of) – (Eppie and Silas and Dolly)

15) The Age of the Machine – (Company)

16) Your hand in mine* – (Silas and Eppie)

17) Without her love* – (Godfrey)

18) I’ll shelter you* – (Eppie)

19) The Poacher* – (Jem and Company)

20) I don’t know him at all – (Nancy)

21) To the Manner Born – (Godfrey, Eppie, Nancy, Silas)

22) Finale – (Full chorus and cast)


General Song Information

For our general presentation we have recorded 10 full demonstration  production versions which we have starred* and described below. We believe these to be the songs that best set the scene and tone of the entire piece (from a total of 22 demonstration recorded songs) The other songs have been recorded simply with a piano and voices.


Songs from Act One

  • This Life: (our opening song) The citizens of the town bemoan their hard working life while a Recruiting Sergeant tries to convince the young men to join the British army and go and fight for their country. Silas and his religious Fellowship exhort the hungry crowd to be more pious and trust in God.
  • No Way out: Feeling trapped by his brother Dunsey’s threats of blackmail and his fear of his secret wife and child being revealed Godfrey tells us he is imprisoned by his life.
  • Gold: We learn that after running away Silas has become a miser. Working and saving more and more Gold coins has become his entire life.
  • No such thing as Love: Molly sings with Dunsey and Silas telling us love does not exist for any of them.
  • Love is Cold: Molly sings of her abandonment by Godfrey.
  • Where life shall lead: Silas sings to the abandoned baby (Eppie) that he will protect and love her always.

Songs from Act Two

  • Without her Love: Godfrey sings of the utter torture of watching Silas raise his daughter. Plus he is afraid his wife Lady Nancy would leave him if she ever found out his dark secret.
  • Your hand in mine: Silas and Eppie sing of their happy family life together remembering Eppie’s childhood.
  • I’ll shelter you: Eppie sings of her love for Silas and her fiancé Aaron.
  • Be a Poacher: Jem Rodney the Poacher gets the cast and audience to join him as he describes his life as a Poacher.

All the songs cover a wide palette of emotions from tragic to comedy, dramatic to joyful. We have taken a very tiny amount of artistic licence with the story but all the main flow and characters of the original novel remains entirely faithful to the narrative.